Shell Companies Available September 2013

Shell Companies Available


I have two shell companies that are available.  Flexible terms. The first is an unlisted company with over 250 shareholders.  Previously listed on the TSX, it was dormant from 2001-2011.


Historic Shares (250 shareholders)



Control Position deliverable



Shares Outstanding




With distribution already established, just a listing statement is required for listing. 

The second is listed on the NEX board of the TSX Venture.  It is a capital pool company seeking its Qualifying Transaction. 

Initial Public Offering shares                                        2,000,000

Control Position (Escrow)                                             1,400,000

Shares Outstanding                                                        3,400,000

Both companies are SEDAR filers with current audited financial statements.  For a project with significant Chinese exposure, or a Chinese Head Office, management can stay and assist with financing.