The Real Significance of Muddy Waters and NQ

The pattern had been seen before:  rumours of a bear raid, a extensive (or at least, lengthy) report slagging a ChinaCo.  In this case, Muddy Water's attack on NQ Mobile.    The stock tanked, predictably, especially given its recent run-up.  But clearly, 2013 is not 2011 and while it is still early days, the stock has rebounded, and the blogosphere is featuring lively debates about what investors should do which does not exclusively focus on where the company has its HQ.  Investor debate about the "Chinese-ness" of a company is fading.   Here are the links to the MW research report  Initiating Coverage on NQ Mobile Inc. (NYSE: NQ) - Strong Sell and a very well written response in .  

Investors have to remain cautious, and the investor relations work for a ChinaCo is somewhat nuanced, but for opportunity, look East.  If you've got a need for either due dilgence, or telling a story, let me know!