Public Company Consulting Experience

Although Tulloch is my major focus at this time, I am still available for outside work, here are some samples of my experience:


·         Investor relations director for GLG Life Tech, a TSX listed producer of stevia with HO in Vancouver but most operations in China..  Brought in after the company saw its market cap decrease from over $300 million to less than $20 million following regulatory review.  Successful in getting CTO removed and rebuilding shareholder confidence.


·         Undertook confidential evaluation and due diligence work on China Market investments on behalf of mutual funds and institutional investors.  For institutional investors that wished to remain anonymous, I prepared reports, met with management, made site visits, analyzed financial statements and models, and did primary/secondary research on consumer markets in China.


·         Independent director and Audit Committee Chair of telecommunications software company Vendtek Systems Inc. as sales grew from $5 to $120 million worldwide.  Oversaw the development of Chinese operations, initially as a marketing opportunity, later as software engineering base. 


·         Director of Changyu Medtech Ltd., a Chinese nutraceutical company, with production in Hefei, China, and distribution into neighboring provinces.  Oversaw the re-focus of the company as many of the company’s products suffered with changes in China medical coverage in 2008/9.  Raised private placement funding for the RTO.


·         Director of Wefei Capital Inc, a Canadian CPC that is undergoing a $4 million RTO with a Canadian company with interests in Cambodia.


·         Director/founder of listed company that is undergoing a $6 million financing to expand a coal mine in Fujian province.