Where've you been?

Oh, I've been around..................

26,351kms, 170 days, Cities:  Memphis/Nashville/Littlerock/Jackson/New Orleans/Houston/San Antonio/Sante Fe/Albuquerque/Cabo San Lucas/Tucson/Phoenix/ Las Vegas/Reno.  Camping:  Joshua Tree/Painted Desert/ Osage Hills/Natchez Trace/Big Bend/San Diego/Los Barilles/Santispac Beach/Todos Santos/Organ Pipe/Bryce Canyon/Zion/Kodachrome/Death Valley.  A side jaunt to Belize.  Dozens of hikes and bikes.  And that's off the top of my head. Our rig, a Mercedes Sprinter, performed beautifully.  At 21 feet, not too big for cities but self-contained for comfort in the wild.  At home on Interstates and dirt roads in Baja.  Incredible fuel economy.   For more info, go to our blog....

Some people get this, some were shocked and horrified, especially those that share my demographics.  The workaholics can’t believe that anyone would voluntarily not go to work.  The risk averse question the wisdom of enduring a period where income goes to zero.  Some people just don't like to travel.  Some question how you can spend 24/7 time with the SO.

I have a confession.  When I get a newspaper I scan the obituaries, looking for birth dates between 1955 and 1965.  These are members of my demographic tribe that didn't make it.  The slower members of the herd that got picked off by the wolves of automobile accidents, cancer, heart disease, or any of the other thousand things you can die from.  This may be heartless, but the actuarial monster must be fed, and the more of my tribe that get it, the less likely I, or Dr. M with whom I share the birth year, will be the next.  

But you never know how long you have.  Plus, as you age there are going to be less things you can do.  So, after two years of both sad and happy events we decided to take a career hiatus and hit the road.  Of course, there were challenges along the way, but the bumps were nothing compared to the peaks (and Baja has some mighty big bumps.)  Now.......back to work.