Now That Prohibition's Over, Time to Invest?

I've been sceptical of the publicly-traded medical marijuana/cannabis industry. (See previous post.) Too much sizzle.  Floods of me-too listings.  Reminded me of the various investor obsessions with dot-coms, China-stocks, stevia, gold, coal, etc, etc. However on reflection, every sector seems to undergo a similar phenomena - wild enthusiasm followed by skepticism followed by more normal growth.  And the sector - both in continued product legalization and development of the distribution channels - is booming.  .

Research on the field comes to the following conclusion;  there's opportunity out there but also great peril!

Avoiding the peril isn't entirely possible, but as in any acquisition proper due-diligence is very important.  The normal process needs to be supplemented by industry-specific procedures.  The following video is helpful.  Industry specific material starts at (15:00.)